Monday, December 12, 2005

Confessions of a fledgling magazine writer...

No matter how big mistakes may seem at the time, it's all about the learning proces...So here are two unfortunate things that have happened to me, but from which I will learn tons:

1) Problem: microcasettes can break. Yep, right off of the wheel, in fact. And when they break, don't even bother trying to fix them, cause all you're left with is a spool of tape, that's all crinkly, and no interview. Gone. Poof.

Solution: Enter the digital voice recorder. I've just bought one for $69.99 + tax, and it hooks up to the phone. No more having to run back to the tape recorder to make sure that the tape hasn't run out during a phone interview, or to change sides. The DR will record up to 16 hours of voice conversation, and stores your files in folders. When you're done, simply upload them to your computer.

2) Problem: sometimes, photographers may claim you've lost a photograph of theirs, which makes you (and the magazine) look bad).

Solution: First off, take full responsibility for whatever happened, and apologize profusely. Then, check your records. Sometimes, photographers may be a little confused as to what they sent where. Then, apologize again, after searching around thoroughly for it. In the end, mistakes happen, whether theirs or yours. But remember: it isn't always your mistake.

Enough procrastination. Back to work for me!


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