Sunday, April 23, 2006

I love rainy days

I love rainy days. I remember how scared I used to be when it rained and thundered, until my dad reminded me that I was inside, safe under a roof. Now, I love these opportunities to be home, read a good book in bed, cuddle with my favorite guy (or cats).

It's also an oportunity to catch up with friends. And where would I be without them? I woke up feeling overwhelmed with life, and stressed out - I had to pay $540 for my car to be serviced, and am still figuring out if I OWE money or will receive some! Then there's the whole work situation, which is tied into where I will be living in a few months, etc etc, as well the joys and fears of dating someone you care for but in a relationship that is still new.

But what I do know is, when I am scared and lonely, my friends and family are there. And no matter how alone I feel, I have to remember that.


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