Thursday, June 29, 2006

Poetry Thursday

This week's assignment was to bring poetry into the every day. Instead, I'm publishing poems which bring the everyday into poetry...

Bonne Bell - Cafe Latte
Net Wt. 12oz./3.4g*

I've finally found the perfect shade
of lipstick. You say it's nice,
'cause it don't slap your face red.

I leave you with coffee
in five-o-clock shadows.

* from the label on coffee-flavoured lipstick


Rubbermaid Dreams

Now I know:

there isn't a Tupperware big enough
to seal you in
and keep our memories
from going stale.




jim said...

I love the lipstick poem, the balanced 3 line stanas, the subversive and secretive "hiding," that makes it a shared little joke. Playful, fun--just as it should be.

Jules said...

I love both of these and think the last stanza of the lipstick poem is brilliant. Thanks for sharing your talent

Ceebie said...

Thanks, Jim and Jules. I wrote these years ago and I was pleased to still be happy with them when I unearthed them.