Wednesday, December 01, 2010

What type of stemware are you? A new way of talking about body shape...

Thinking of purchasing a clothing item for a loved one on your list? Want to make sure you don't buy them a skirt that's two sizes too big and makes them look like a walking tent, or pants where the crotch falls below their knees like some bad retro Bobby Brown outfit?

Then listen to the wisdom of personal shopper and wardrobe customizer Cindy Wheeler, owner of Customizing Wardrobes by Cindy. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of corresponding with Cindy for an upcoming shopping article in The Coast's Gift Giving Guide (which comes out tomorrow - stay tuned for more!). She was a wealth of information and knowledge, and I ended up having more material than could fit in my article.

So, Cindy kindly agreed to let me share with you her 9 Types of Body Shape Stemware, which she came up with a few years ago as an antidote to the whole "apple and pear" distinctions.

"It can save you a lot of hours shopping if you know the perfect styles for your body shape [or that of your friends]," says Cindy. "So I came up with 9 body shapes all named after stemware lovingly named and influenced by my friends."

Grand Vin Wine - no defined curves to speak of; rounder through shoulders
Cordial - tomboy-type figure
Champagne Flute - any shape, but over 5’8”
Grappa - hip and booty issues
Decanter - thigh and leg issues
Margarita - slim shoulders, big busted, slim hips
Goblet - rounder shoulders, larger tummy, slim hips
Wine Carafe - extremely curvy, hourglass, any size
Pilsner - curvy but thicker through the waist

"I wanted to focus on the many issues that we women have," adds Cindy. "BUT, my biggest lesson for my clients is, dress the body you have, not the body you want or the body you had."

Her last words of wisdom? "Feeling great and looking fabulous starts with knowing and loving your shape, regardless of it being a Decanter or a Goblet."

This short little Wine Carafe couldn't agree more. Thanks, Cindy!

Click here to learn more about Cindy and her wardrobe customizing services and workshops.

Now it's your turn - what type of stemware are you?

~ Ceebie

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