Sunday, May 01, 2011

Perfect peach pie & sunshine on a balcony

I'll never forget that afternoon
road trip with mom and dad through Niagara on the Lake

sudden discovery of a café
tucked into the front room of quaint clapboard house

I normally choose cake
but that day a slice of peach pie
a pot of tea
sounds lovely

on the wraparound porch, wrought iron tables & chairs
breeze flutters gently
sun warm on arms
bumble bees buzz from flower to flower
legs heavy with pollen
dozy kind of afternoon

fork slicing through pastry
crumbling just right
sweet Ontario peaches
mouthful of golden sunshine
syrupy ooze on porcelain plates

I'll never forget that afternoon

now, ever questing
for the perfect peach pie

~ Ceebie


jaerose said...

What a lovely piece..searching for a memory as much as peach pie perhaps..wonderfully evocative..Jae

Lilibeth said...

I think you've sold me on peach pie rather than cake. You made it sound so luscious! Is there a good sugar free peach pie I wonder?

oldegg said...

I could picture this so well. The scene, the feel of the place, the relaxing afternoon and the exquisite peach pie. You painted it so beautifully.

Cynthia M said...

What an evokative's these little moments that enrich life so much :)

neha said...

Wonderful memories! Now to go find a slice of peach pie ...

Jingle said...

sweet memories.
bless you.

Anonymous said...

Your fourth and fifth stanzas are the perfect peach pie. A lovely balance of beauty and skill!

Ceebie said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. It is a day I will never forget, and my dad and I have indeed been on a quest for the perfect peach pie and pot of tea since then...

benjibopper said...

wonderful images and feeling, CB.