Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Cross your fingers!

The coolest thing happened yesterday...almost as cool as getting a book with my name in it: the president of COEO (the Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario) emailed me to first of all tell me he really enjoyed my article on outdoor education (recently published in Pathways). Secondly, he said that he and the current chair of the editorial board want to talk to me about the opportunities with the journal! A faculty member where I work had passed on my name to them and coincidentally he had been planning to email me about my article. Yay!

This is SO what I have been looking for! So now I'm nail biting until I hear back from them, because of COURSE I want to discuss the opportunity! And there is so much that I could do for that journal!

Here's hoping...


PS: Anyone have any idea what's going on with the button on my right bar, next to "Currently Reading"? Why is it slightly indented? There's nothing in the code!


heatherandrea said...

Congrats!!! Exciting news...I'll keep my fingers crossed. About the button...make sure that it doesn't say anything like centre in the code.

Jude said...

Wow that is sooooooooo exciting! Good for you....you've finally been "discovered"! :)