Friday, May 12, 2006

A girl without shoes is like a river without stones...

So it's now officially almost four weeks since I haven't gone shopping. And there are all these amazing summer sandals that would look so cute! But I must persist...Line of credit must be paid off. The only way to avoid shopping is to avoid the mall entirely! Which actually is not that hard. And not shopping has forced me to discover articles of clothing I had totally forgotten about!

What is it about shoes that we girls are so addicted to? I always swore I wouldn't be a girl who bound her feet for fashion...But then I discovered the joys of the sexy heel and coordinated shoes. Now I'm hooked, and my closed is running out of space! Call me a fourth-wave feminist - I can conveniently be feminine AND critical at the same time...And wear sexy heels to boot! (Honestly, I don't know if there is such a thing as a fourth-wave feminist or if it's something I made up for convenience, but I see her as a cross between Carrie from SIC and the Shopaholic...)

Anyways, it's mother's day this weekend. Time for some R&R with parents, good food and playing with the cats...


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