Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Scribblings: Nature's bright ideas

find my gardening gloves
dust off the trowel
pull out brown-bagged bulbs from
the cold
under the stairs
where they've spent the summer

in the garden
relish rare rays of sunshine
warm on arms and back

brush aside dry leaves and twigs
dig shallow holes
startle blind worms
squirming in moist dark earth
plant bulbs like tiny onions
for a long winter's rest

now wait
blankets of white will fall
we'll huddle inside on cold nights

in a few months
eagerly scan the warming ground
for bright green exclamation marks
poking out from melting snow

nature's bright ideas

~ Ceebie


faith said...

"startle blind worms" made me smile. This made me want to plant something! :)

Anonymous said...

A lovely poem to get us through the winter and looking forward to the spring!
Here from Sunday Scribblings!

jaerose said...

What a lovley piece full of hope and warmth for the world..Jae

Anonymous said...

This was so beautiful! I loved your descriptions and the sense of hope... Thank you for making me smile this morning.

Anonymous said...

Nature has a hundred things to delight us! nicely crafted poem!

oldegg said...

Those exclamation marks of new growth are such a reassurance that all is well with the world. Great work.

Anonymous said...

Quite true; Nature is full of bright ideas.