Friday, November 26, 2010

Breakfast at the Armview

breakfast at the Armview
ding ding of kitchen bell as a plate is slid out on the pass
flap flap flap of door on hinges,
fanning cooking smells into the dining room
Lenny Kravitz singing to a cab driver on the radio
slurp and burble of straw at the bottom of a young girl's
glass of milk

outside, the traffic on the Rotary never stops
round and around and around it goes

at the next booth,
family having an early lunch
easy chuckles and chatter on morning off from school
dull gleam of Formica
cracked pleather banquettes
chink of spoon in coffee mug

slow ooze of syrup
melting butter over pancakes
hot burst of purple on tongue

starting to see the world through writing again
a whole poem in a blueberry


Olivia said...

Hello, how are you?

Hope that you have had a festive week so far. Happy Belated Thanksgiving if you celebrate.

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Jingle Poetry said...

sweet poetry.
Thanks for sharing...

signed in to follow your blog,
welcome following us back.

Jingle Poetry said...

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