Saturday, July 22, 2006

A literature map!

Jen posted a link to the coolest thing today: a literature map! Basically, you enter the name of an author, and then somehow it generates a map of what other readers who read that author have also read. For instance: Carol Shields, Anne Taylor (never heard of her but I guess I should pick something up of hers), Joanna Trollope, Barbara Kingsolver, Oscar Wild (is that the same as Oscar Wilde?)....And off in the right hand side, Margaret Attwood, Joan Barfoot, Timothy Findley...

I'm pleased to say taht I know who most of these authors are, and if I don't this might be a good means of exploring them.

Anyone understand how the heck this thing is generated? I've never seen anything so cool! (Well maybe I have, but at the moment I think this is too neat!)



Writing Blind said...

This is really cool. It's interesting to see what authors get paired together.

Marilyn said...

That literature map thing is fabulous! I might have to link to that. :)

Thanks for your comment on my Poetry Thursday post. I'm not a Valley Girl...but the voice in my head started sounding like that even to me as I wrote it. :)