Saturday, July 15, 2006

SRC weeks 5 & 6 (or is it 6 & 7?)

I am so far behind on my reading, partly because I've been trying to wrap up six years of employment and prepare for a new job, and also finish up a feature article assignemnt.
Anyways, I've made it halfway through Leonard Cohen's [u]Book of Longing[/u] and Jan Zwicky's [u]Robinson's Crossing[/u].

I had to give Zwicky's book back before I could make it all the way through, but I liked what I read so far. The first section is a lot about embodied knowledge, and the tensions between knowing and feeling. The second part is about Zwicky's life on the prairies at her grandparents' farm, and her quest for home. I didn't get much through it but I plan to return to her one day. She's really getting a lot of good reviews from ecocritics as someone who's doing great things for environmental writing in Canada.

As for Cohen, I'm torn...I can't decide if he's a feminist or a misogyinist, or both. I don't particularly enjoy his style of poetry, which tends to be more conversational and flippant rather than lyrical and evocative. But he is one of Canada's best-known poets, and he is an intriguing character. His struggles with Buddhism and wanting to indulge in the pleasures of the flesh are particularly intriguing to me... I'm not sure if I'll make it all the way through this but I'm glad I picked it up nonetheless.



kaleidoscope said...

hey, a canadian blogger! yay!

as for Zwicky, I read her Songs for Relinquishing the Earth and Wittgenstein Elegies earlier this summer. Loved them so much.

and as for old Lenny, I took a quick peek through his new book and found that the drawings (you know, of women's bums and self portraits) really make a statement in themselves. A lot of his work centres on chasing women or on a woman's highly sexualized body.

I'll have to check out your ideas about what a feminist poet is in your previous posts... I would not say that LC is one, personally.

Ceebie said...

Thanks, K...Yes, probably LC is NOT a feminist lol...But I too have enjoyed Zwicky and hope to pick up her work again (glad to see someone else in the blogging world knows who she is!).

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