Saturday, July 08, 2006

Who is a feminist poet?

Justin posted this great post, "Why I am not a Feminist Poet", that I found through Wandering Blind's blog...

Have a look at it - this is exactly the kind of stuff I am toying with. Am I, or am I not, a feminist, by wearing high heels? Are there indeed different kinds of feminism? I fear that first-wave feminists, while they made so many great gains for us, and did what they did (the bra burning, etc) because they HAD to, also give feminism a bad name...Feminism in the PoMo age opened up the realization that not all women are created equal, and we all come from different situatedness. This kind of feminism, to me, is a more equitable form of feminism. But does it stray too far from the Feminine Mystique?

Would love to hear what you all think... (and apologies to Justin if I have misread the tone of his poem)


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