Saturday, August 27, 2005

Nobody likes the cooties


I discovered this really great P2P software the other week that allows you to share music with friends...Being a sharing person, I decided to try it out. I listened to music I hadn't heard for years, and things were great. My iPod mini and I were happy.

Then...My computer started freezing on reboot. My email wasn't working. Now I've completely lost all of my email folders, including research, contracts, assignment letters, not to mention addresses.

Gone. All gone. And I have an article due on Sep 9th and no idea what it's about (and my editor's out of the country -- great timing)!

Who are these folks who sit around trying to find ways to break into other people's computers and destroy their personal property? I'd really like to have a heart to heart with one of these folks and find out what it is that makes them tick. What are they thinking? I know there's the challenge thing, but how is breaking into my computer and vandalizing it any different than vandalizing physical property? And would they like to have it done to them?

It had to happen to me eventually. Lesson learned: sharing music means sharing other people's viruses. And nobody likes the cooties.


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