Wednesday, August 31, 2005

We have all become cyborgs

It's now my fifth day without my laptop, and I am slowly starting to feel disconnected from the world. I had not realized how much of an extension of me my laptop was until I started missing the evening chats with friends, the opportunity to flip open my computer into another world, or the ability to pour my words onto my screen faster than I can write.

What Haraway wrote, dismissed by many as the crazed rantings of a supra academic, is now true: we have all become cyborgs, and computers have become an extension of our minds, and our selves.

Without our computers, where would we be?


PS: you'll notice the photos of Sebastien are no longer online: special request from bro and sis in law, who don't want photos of their son on the internet. I do as I am asked.

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